ztitl-h Family Owned Business

Family Owned and Operated with good ol' Yankee values!

Yankee Building Movers has over 39 years experience raising and moving all types of structures. From small camps and garages to large historic homes and commercial buildings, Yankee will always provide you with an honest days work for an honest days pay!

We raise and jack any type of structure with the latest and best equipment available.

Yankee Building Movers is a Veteran and Woman owned business. We are committed to giving our clients the best job completed at the best price. We offer free estimates and often can give a ballpark figure within 24 hours! Most clients find this particularly helpful when considering whether a move is financially feasible without a lot of time or money invested.

Because of our honest values and project success, we enjoy repeat business from both contractors and homeowners alike! Also check out this profit accumulator review for a way to help fund your new move.

Flooded? Oil Tank Spill? Too close to the Road? We Can Help!

Many New Hampshire residents have suffered through two major floods in the past few years. We are registered to work with many Federal agencies, including FEMA to help these folks make sure it doesn't happen again by moving or raising their homes above the flood level. We also work with environmental recovery firms and insurance companies on oil tank spills and other hazardous spill projects.

For a free estimate or additional information please contact us.